IV Therapy can benefit all sorts of people, but certain conditions may require clearance from your primary physician. Here’s a short Q&A session on what you should know about IV treatment before your first visit. 

Who is eligible for IV therapy?

IV Therapy can benefit a wide variety of people however is contraindicated in specific populations. For those that are pregnant, or have a history of renal or cardiac disease, clearance must be obtained from your treating physician. 

How long is the vitamin infusion/injection process?

Most infusions take 45 minutes from start to finish. First we obtain IV access by placing a catheter in the arm or hand. Then we begin the infusion process. The first infusion is always given slowly to make sure it is well tolerated, and subsequent infusions can run at a faster rate.


How often should one get treatments?

How often or at what intervals one should get intravenous therapy depends on the specific type of treatment and treatment goals. For someone with an acute illness, we might recommend an infusion every 72 hours until the patient is well. For others we might recommend IV treatment every 1-3 weeks. Timing varies as each patient’s treatment is customized.


If someone has “bad veins” should they worry? How can one best prepare?

“Bad veins,” usually caused from dehydration, certain medications and body habitus, can make IV access challenging.  Drinking plenty of fluids the day before and of your treatment can help. Avoiding excessive caffeine may also help since this tends to narrow blood vessels, making them harder to access.


Will I feel any side effects?

You shouldn’t feel any side effects, and if you do, should notify your provider right away.  Although rare, allergic reactions can occur, which is why the medical providers will be accessible for you to visit, and check on you often.

Does it hurt?

There may be a moment of discomfort when the IV is initially placed, but it will not last for the entire infusion. When multiple infusions are given at the same visit, we change the IV bag, not the needle, so you are only accessed once.


What's the consultation process like? 

For the consultation, you will speak with one of our medical providers who will ask about your medical history, allergies, treatment goals and if you have ever had IV therapy before.  Recommendations will be made off of your answers and then we can get your treatment started. Consultations may be in person or via telehealth.