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Functional Medicine & Therapeutic Services

Point Pleasant Beach & Wall, NJ

From health screenings to IV therapy & lab driven results. Find out how we can help you feel & look your best.

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Therapeutic Services in New Jersey

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Wellness Services

By utilizing custom labs to identify risk factors, we can provide guidance for lifestyle changes to create treatment plans to prevent, treat or even reverse illness.

Using bioidentical hormones (BHRT), peptides, IV and/or intramuscular vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, we can help slow the signs of again, stimulate growth and repair after an injury, and treat specific health conditions or concerns.

We offer a variety of medically supervised weight loss programs. We can prescribe holistic methods or prescription pharmaceuticals (or both!) to create a plan that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

We offer IV hydration and nutrient supplementation. IV therapy helps our prescription grade vitamins enter the bloodstream immediately, giving instant results. Choose from standard formulas or let us create one for your specific needs!

IV Therapy

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IV Treatments

100% absorbed, functional, and long lasting blends of vitamins, minerals, & more.

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Wellness Services

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Dr. Sandy Foukarakis, DMSc, MPAS, PA-C

Sandy has been a certified physician assistant for nearly 10 years.

She completed her master’s in physician assistant studies at Touro College of Health Sciences in NYC, with undergrad concentrations in exercise physiology and biology. She started her career in emergency medicine at several area hospitals and began teaching emergency medicine, anatomy & physiology and exercise science at a local universities. After several years, Sandy transitioned into Spine and Sports Medicine, to combine her passion for medicine with her background in exercise physiology.  She then completed her Doctorate of Medical Science, with concentrations in sports medicine and healthcare administration, at Lynchburg University in Virginia.  A lifelong learner, Dr Foukarakis is currently completing an MBA at Jack Welch Management Institute.

For Dr Foukarakis, the interest in IV supplementation is personal. Having always been active and athletic, she took her good health for granted.  But in 2018, she was diagnosed with a devastating neuro-autoimmune illness that rendered her temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.  Frustrated by endless doctor visits, diagnostic tests and toxic medications, Dr Foukarakis applied her medical knowledge to her own case and this led to an interest in Functional Medicine. This branch of medicine studies root causes of disease to understand how to prevent and reverse illness, not just manage symptoms as they occur.

Dr Foukarakis then enrolled in courses at IFM and became a certified Functional Medicine provider. Using what she learned at IFM, Dr Foukarakis made dietary and lifestyle changes, which include intravenous and intramuscular supplementation, to improve her overall wellness to aid in her recovery. Over time, this enabled her to be taken off medications used to manage symptoms of her illness, neuromyletis optica, such as neuropathy (nerve pain), muscle spasm, fatigue and chronic musculoskeletal pain.  Once told she may never walk again, exactly one year after her initial paralysis, Dr Foukarakis was able to return to one of her favorite activities, running, and celebrated it by doing a 5K.  She has since become an advocate for those with chronic and rare diseases as a spokesperson for Horizons, a national foundation to assist and educate those living with rare diseases.  She brings that same passion, compassion and empathy to revIVe by using her experience as both a provider and patient, to help patients’ reach health and wellness goals, no matter their starting point.

Dr Foukarakis’ enjoys spending time with her two children, Noah and Alexa, and her two Great Danes, Astro and Gracie. As an Ocean County native, and Point Pleasant Beach local, she enjoys all the area has to offer such as the beaches, boating,  restaurants and shops.  Her hobbies include working out, reading and gardening… she grows most of her own fruits and vegetables!

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